Horse Riding Trousers in Stiff Waffle

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Horse Riding Trousers in an almost carrot fit crafted from a off black stiff waffle fabric. Two thigh patches taken from the idea of nomads horse riding. Two large Patch Pockets with the addition of two invisible zip pockets on the side. Two button zip fly around the waist and buttoned down belt loop detailing. Vintage Zip Detailing at the ankle of the trouser. The back of the rouser has two key details, one side has a detailed hand stitching in a burnt brown and the opposite an asymmetrical patch in an shallow grey.

Crafted in Proper Atelier

Due to each garment is crafted in house in the artisanal way, your order will be shipped to you within 20 working days.

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Reference: FW20-P232A

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wool 60%, cotton 30%, linen 10%


Dry Clean by Professional Only



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