COMMUNS Signature Shoes


These large-fit shoes are born from the mix of a Gumshoes inspiration and the idea of wide Traditional Tibetan shoes with wide sideboards. The classic bright contrast of Red and White gives a possibility to style this pair with any piece of any wardrobe. Light accents lay in the white trims and two parallel strokes of the laces. A comfy undersock with the zipper closure is inserted into the shoes. The main fabric and sole surface were treated in a particular way to create a used Vintage effect.


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Reference: CS-SH22-02

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37, 39, 42, 44, Due to the particular style's construction:

Size 37 is convenient for both 37 and 38 European sizes

Size 39 is convenient for both 39 and 40 European sizes

Size 42 is convenient for both 42 and 43 European sizes

Size 44 is convenient for both 44 and 45 European sizes


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